In February 2019 filming began in earnest to tell the story of Big Lily the ‘Flag of Friendship’.
To the backdrop of the 60th anniversary of the Munich air disaster which saw eight Busby Babes perish, began the story of the Big Lily flag through film.

Entitled the ‘The Flag of Friendship’, filming has already taken place in Munich, Malta, Madrid, Perth, Kyoto, Houston, Manchester, Belfast and Dublin this year.
A host of international footballers from all over the world have taken part as well as political dignitaries from different continents and renowned sporting historians to help tell this incredible story.

Big Lily creator, Keith Norris stated, “We have filmed amazing characters and events which portray the global passion for Manchester United in a unique manner.Further filming is scheduled for USA and Scandinavia. We are currently raising awareness and seeking to attach influential movers and shakers in the film industry including global broadcaster and distribution partners”.

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