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"The story of Big Lily has been incredible and her final journey is a unique opportunity to raise funds for Unicef. I cannot think of a more fitting way to celebrate this iconic Manchester United flag and wish you the very best of luck."

John Shiels
Chief Executive of Manchester United Foundation
"United Supporters for UNICEF will seek to raise £300 000 in aid of UNICEF. The initiative is the latest aspect of Keith’s Big Lily campaign, which has successfully brought communities in Northern Ireland together."

Diane Dodds

"We are really delighted that you want to fundraise for our work for children in danger around the world. We are so grateful for the support, time commitment and creativity which you have channelled into the Big Lily project and we hope it’s going to be a massive success."

"Sport can be a great unifier and power for good in our society and it is encouraging to see the great 'United Supporters for UNICEF' you are engaged in. I wish you well in your world record attempt for such a good cause and hope that your fundraising efforts continue to be successful."

Martina Anderson
"I'm absolutely delighted to be part of United’s Big Lily, Manchester United fans world wide initiative to raise £300, 000 for the great cause that is children in danger around the world in aid of UNICEF and in so doing break the existing Guinness World Record for Most Signatures on a Flag."

Pat Crerand
Manchester United
"It is fantastic to see the efforts being made by Big Lily to bring people together and to raise money for the wonderful causes supported by UNICEF, keep the flag flying and keep the money coming in."

Ian Paisley
"I applaud "United Supporters for UNICEF" for mobilising as a positive resource for such a worthwhile cause. This ambitious ethic reflects the best in sporting spirit and global awareness from a great club’s great support base."

Mark Durkan
MP, United Supporter and a Unicef designated "Parliamentary Champion."
"I believe that under the banner of his flag Big Lily he will not only promote the aims and the work of UNICEF but will also display a positive side of Northern Ireland which has always been generous in giving to charitable enterprises."

Sammy Wilson
"I can commend him and his friends as the best possible examples of football fans, who have traveled to many parts of the world to visit football teams they admire and respect. Wherever they follow Manchester United Keith and his friends take their Manchester United flag, called Big Lily, which is recognised as a symbol of unity between all classes, colours and creeds. The best football fans build friendships between individuals and nations. Keith Norris and his friends are promoting such friendships through their love of football."

Roy Beggs
Former MP
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