Throughout the troubles Belfast has become infamous for its walled murals on both sides of the community.
Heralding the peace process of Northern Ireland from the mid 90’s the Big Lily flag brings all tribes together.
This is why in the Autumn of 2019 between the peace gates of the Shankill Road and the Falls Road the Big Lily group will endeavour to create a unique piece of sporting artwork symbolising friendship in football.

With the support of award winning muralist Marty Lyons(photo below) and a group of schoolchildren from the Shankill and the Falls, the ‘Big Lily’ mural will be created.

Manchester United’s famous ‘Big Lily’ giant flag has travelled the world supporting the team since 1999. Now the flag, is set to make history with a new mural on the Peace section of Belfast’s globally renowned, International Wall Murals, where it will be viewed by many of the city’s 9.5 million annual visitors.

Marty Lyons